Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Earth, where we born, grow and develop our career is nowadays it needs our help for protection from destroying. Due to bigger development & increasing industrialization & growing population had made the Earth on the risk. Increasing air pollutions, water pollutions have more effected. The earth which gives us shelter & food will destroy if we are not awareness on protecting it . We have pleasure of natural beauty of earth and uses it mineral from it for our development and for our Luxurious life. The environment is not the problem of single, nor single country it is
the responsibilities of peoples

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How we can protect the Earth.
1. Use maximum energy source which are environmental and friendly like solar, hydropower.
2. Save these enegy when we did not need them. Switch off electronics goods when they are not on use.
3. Preseve the plants & heritage , Plants new plants where you can grow them like on your gardens & farms.
4. Use minimum goods which had bad effects on environment.
5. Make other people also awareness against it.
6. Develop countries should provide some proportion of their funds on the developing & least developing countries for environment protection
7. Developed countries who spends huge amounts of their defense budget for launching new weapons should spends not no war equipment but on welfare of human kinds.
8. Tourist should depose their wastes on going to visit on natural sites not dropping wastes there such like on going to mounting tourists leave their wastes their which will have bad impact on environments

9. Make your own non-toxic cleaning products. Doing this will reduce the use of plastics because you are reusing plastic containers to hold the cleaning products. The ingredients are also biodegradable which means it is gentler on the environment.

10. Use cloth bags at the grocery store and for all your grocery needs. Store them in the trunk of your car so you always have them on hand. You don't have to limit their use to the grocery store. If you don't have a cloth bag with you when you are shopping, ask yourself
11. Explore the idea of purchasing energy-efficient appliances. They may cost more upfront but in the end you will save money because they use less energy. Replace regular light bulbs with their energy efficient counterparts. You pay a little more, but the life of the

12. Set up a compost bin. Add a few less things to the landfill by composting yo ur kitchen scraps. All plant-derived foods, coffee grounds and tea leaves can be composted. Have a small container in your home to place items in. When the storage container gets full, transfer the waste to an outdoor bin. Use the resulting rich fertile soil in the garden.
13. Grow an organic garden. Being able to rely on yourself for fresh produce is very rewarding. Share your harvest with neighbors, can and preserve the excess for years to come. If you don't have the space or time to grow a garden, shop locally and support local farmers.

14. Reduce the use of car travel. Consider using public transportation, walking, car pooling and bike riding to get to where you want to go. If you must travel by car, shop for a fuel efficient/hybrid vehicle and keep up-to-date with emissions checks.
15. Reuse clothing. When possible, look for hand-me-downs for your children's clothing. Shop resale shops, garage sales and pass clothing items on to friends and family. Consider doing this with toys too. When you do buy toys, choose ones that are built to last. So many of the plastic toys available fall apart quickly and end up in the trash.